Access Keys:

Newcastle Primary School 17A Shimna Road, Newcastle

>>> Monday

Board Games Club

Come along and play both traditional and modern board games! Why not learn how to play a game that you've never played before?



Football with an Mr Brown and Mr Davidson 


>>> Tuesday


Get active and have fun with a fully qualified IFA sporting coach!! Come along and learn a new skill or develop your existing skills!




Get on your dancing shoes for learning some new dance moves!



This is without a doubt the tastiest club to go to! ;-)

Each week we learn new skills about cooking, but the best part is getting to eat what we make!


After School Clubs

The After School Clubs change every term at NPS to allow everyone to experience a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. We encourage everyone to try something new!

All After School Clubs begin at 3pm and are over at 3:45pm

In addition to After School Clubs we now offer Interests Groups to the children in P4-7.

As always the children were given the opportunity to voice their interests. Interest groups for this term include; French, Puzzles, Art skills and Scripture Union.

Transfer Club

This club is for children wishing to do the AQE or GL Transfer Tests to go to a Grammar school when they leave P7. It helps to prepare the children with the skills and knowledge needed for either tests. The children benefit from working in a small group with the P6 and P7 teachers. For more information please ask Mr Davidson.


Music Tuition and Choir

Why not take the opportunity to learn a musical instrument? We offer piano, woodwind and brass tuition during the school day at NPS.

We also encourage children to get involved in singing and performing as part of the School Choir.


Fun Club

‘Fun Club’ is available for children in P1-3 from 2-3pm each day. See the fun club page for more details 


All talents are celebrated at NPS!