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Newcastle Primary School 17A Shimna Road, Newcastle

Term 3


Explanation Writing- how some things work

Persuasive Writing- Why do people feel strongly about certain issues?

Revision of nouns, sentences, adverbs, singular and plurals, adjectives and verbs

Exclamation marks. Sort which sentences need an exclamation mark/ question mark.

Conjunctions- writing longer sentences using the correct conjunction

Commas- understanding how a comma separates different parts of a sentence


Pie Charts

Position, Movement and Direction

Identifying types of angles- reflex, obtuse and acute

Compass points




World Around Us

Northern Ireland and Europe

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

Keeping Safe Programme

Helping Hands



Term 2


  • Narrative Writing
  • explore character descriptions, story settings, story structure of Science fictional stories.
  • use alphabetical order efficiently
  • continue to make changes to work to make improvements
  • extend work on verb tenses


  • Fractions
  • explore links with division and fractions
  • decision trees
  • Symmetry

World Around Us

  • Earth and Space

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

  • Keeping Safe Program


  • gallop and side gallop


  • Creation

Welcome to P5!

'Be the best you can be!'

Welcome to P5's page.

Keep watching here for what we get up to throughout the year!

World Down syndrome day

P5 feel very strongly about promoting awareness for Down syndrome day. 

We are happy to have Tadhg in our class at NPS! We feel that it’s important for more people to understand what it’s like to live with Down syndrome. We are all special and unique... we ALL deserve the opportunity to be respected and to achieve our full potential! 

Wear lots of socks on Thursday 21st March to promote this worthy cause!


Latest Class News

18th Jun 2020
Well done to all of those who took part in our Family Sports Day! Watch some of the...
16th Jun 2020
Are you interested in signing up to the ‘Silly Squad’ Challenge Please...

Times Table Champions! 🏆


Poet of the Week


This term P5 are are learning about poetry. We are enjoying taking part in 'Poet of the Week' each Friday. We recite a poem at the front of the class trying our best to use expression, to speak clearly and to know all the words.


Ancient Egypt


P5 Interactive Links

Spelling Bee
Which level can you

Tell the time
practise telling the
Helping Hands Info
What is Helping
Times Tables
Practise your times
tables using your
unique username and
password from Mrs