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Welcome to P5!

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Welcome to P5's page.

Keep watching here for what we get up to throughout the year!

What's going on in P5?

Term 1

A little summary of what we’ll be learning this term!


  • Scan For key words to help make an oral or written summary.
  • Identify features of non-fiction text (e.g contents page, glossary etc)
  • Understand how to write verbs in the past, present and future tense.
  • Use of powerful verbs.
  • Revise and extend work on adjectives, including superlative and comparative adjectives.
  • Extend use of adverbs in their writing.
  • Re-read own writing to check for grammatical sense and accuracy.
  • Recount writing- we will be writing a diary entry about an imaginary trip to Egypt!
  • Poetry writing.
  • Onomatopoeias and similes in poetry.


  • Vertical addition and subtraction
  • Vertical multiplication 
  • Division with and without remainders
  • Place value of numbers up to 10,000
  • Rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Drawing and interpreting bar charts.

The World Around Us

  • Ancient Egypt

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

  • PATHS: 
    • Rules and why we need them
    • Pupil of the Day
    • Feelings and relationships
  • NSPCC Keeping Safe 
    • Healthy Relationships
  • Helping Hands program
    • Developing Children's self esteem
    • Feelings


  • underarm and over arm throw.
  • chest pass


  • Joseph
  • Moses


  • Activities related to Ancient Egypt Topic; e.g writing name in hieroglyphics, Ancient Egyptian drawing styles

Latest Class News

26th Nov 2021
Please see the letter attached about the Christmas recordings. 
30th Aug 2021
The staff enjoyed a training afternoon with Beach Schools NI.  We are looking...
21st Jun 2021
We were delighted to be able to hold our annual ‘Prize Giving Assembly’...

Ancient Egypt


P5 have been learning about how the Ancient Egyptians took a lot of care to prepare bodies for the ‘afterlife’ when people died. We made our very own Canopic jars out of clay. 


Beach School in P5


P5 love that some of our learning now takes place on the beach as NPS is now a ‘Beach School.’




We have had great fun completing the first unit of the PATHS programme. We have learned how it is important to take turns, how we should treat others how we would like to be treated and how to be a good listener. 

We will start the next unit next week on Feelings and Relationships. 


Poet of the Week

This term P5 are are learning about poetry. We are enjoying taking part in 'Poet of the Week' each Friday. We recite a poem at the front of the class trying our best to use expression, to speak clearly and to know all the words.


P5 have been learning about 2D shapes.

We have been learning about 2D shapes. We can name and describe 2D shapes. We created 2D shape characters that are wanted by the authorities!  


P5 Interactive Links

Spelling Bee
Which level can you

Tell the time
practise telling the
Helping Hands Info
What is Helping
Times Tables
Practise your times
tables using your
unique username and
password from Mrs